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Man carrying assorted flavors of Hrvst St compressed juices


Article: ON THE MENU

Another week, another delicious HS cold pressed juice & mouth-watering meal hot tip! This week’s HS | On The Menu feature is all about the delicious combo we feasted on at Blockhouse Coffee & Small Bar! Read on, if you know what’s good..

It’s 7:30am Saturday morning, we decided to venture to Brisbane’s Northside & check out one of our amazing stockists place, Blockhouse Coffee & Small Bar, Nundah. We were greeted by Blockhouse’s super lovely team, seated & given a delicious, super unique looking menu.

….And at this point, I really don’t believe I have ever been in a situation where a breakfast decision was going to be one of the hardest decisions I think I have ever had to make …and in saying that, it may or may not have taken me 23minutes to make the decision, actually.

I was torn, it was Potato Hash Cakes, feta & shallots, pea mouse, poached eggs & tomatoes … or roll with the Petite Waffles w/ Karage chicken, thai basil, sriracha maple

Knowing that I could have Waffles & Karage Chicken at 7:30am & was actually a breakfast menu item…there was no way I was passing this off, decision made!

Petite Waffles w/ Karage chicken, thai basil, sriracha maple, FUCK YES!

Which then made our decision ‘bloody’ easy when it came to what juice we were going to pair our breakfast with – Blood Bank ofcourse!

Blood Bank, being a quite dry/earthy juice it didn’t butt heads with the Waffles at all. It is like the juice & waffles just got each other, like they had been friends forever.

There is not too much to say other than this flavour combo was well & truly worth every mouthful – I am still frothing over the thought of it….



Want us to pop by and match our real, cold pressed juice with a food item at your cafe, bar, restaurant? Comment below or get in touch,

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