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On The Menu Feat; Flock Espresso & Eats

Article: On The Menu Feat; Flock Espresso & Eats

When it comes to hearty food, good people and leaving a cafe feeling extremely satisfied, Flock Espresso & Eats in Lismore will have your back, forever. This place will make your heart and stomach happy, at exactly the same time..

Hrvst St. - Hearty food

One of the best things about Hrvst St Food & Drink Supply is that we get to rub shoulders with some of the most beautiful, down-to-earth people out there and we are lucky enough to call them our friends. The team at Flock have been such an amazing support to our brand since the start and we will be forever grateful for this friendship. I am not sure if you guys remember but the old Flock went under in last year’s Lismore floods – most people would be down and out after having a traumatic event like that happen to their business but they worked hard, lost alot of sleep, did what they had to and found another space. What they have achieved in less than 12 months has been next level amazing and inspiring to anyone, especially other small business owners. They are humble and honest, and it shows through their team and what they plate up.

…..Alright, alright let’s get to the food & drink stuff!

Not sure if you guys have tried out the new menu at Flock, soooo I am going to give you a hot tip on what to wrap your lips around and you HAVE to promise to match it with a Little Green Hrvst St Cold Pressed Juice!

Hrvst St. - Cold Pressed Juice

Ok, I am going to be completely honest, I kinda cheated and ordered 2 dishes….but it needed to happen, I could not decide between the two…

The first I went with was “Chimchiminee” which was next level amazing and consisted of sweet corn fritters w/hot smoked salmon, avocado, house chimichurri verde and a free range poached egg! All locally sourced ingredients and you can taste it! It just tastes real and honest.

Hrvst St. - Chimchiminee

The second dish I ordered was the “Soft Shell Corn Tacos” and holy damn! it was so damn clean and super light! The tacos are made up of two poached eggs, charred corn, crunchy slaw, jalapeno, house pickled radish, cabbage, fried onion & chipotle mayo. This was one of the best soft shell taco dishes I have ever eaten….and pairing it with a Little Green was very clever! Why? Because it just was….it was a super delicious clean, easy combo! The guys are forever changing the “Soft Shell Taco” ingredients so check the specials board when you’re ordering this one.

Hrvst St. - Soft Shell Corn Tacos

If you haven’t checked out the new and improved Flock 2.0, do it….and get there early because the place gets completely packed out!

Hrvst St. - Flock 2.0

Hrvst St. - Flock 2.0 (1)

Hrvst St. - Flock 2.0 (2)

Let me know what you think about this combo when you try it out, ok?


Hrvst St Food & Drink Supply.

Want us to pop by and match our real, cold pressed juice with a food item at your cafe, bar, restaurant? Comment below or get in touch,

We would love to hear from you!


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