We rub shoulders with one of Brisbane’s most gracious, honest, inspiring Food Bloggers

@mygreedyguts |

He shares with us hot tips, good things & why Food Blogging is such a big deal in this modern age……

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1. What is the story behind your gram name, @mygreedyguts?

Basically I’m just a glutton.. I’m greedy- I want it all; the food, the drink, the lifestyle.
I suppose it was to be a bit of a contradiction to the saying that ‘you can’t have your cake and eat it too’.
I can, I do and I wanted to prove that most other people can as well.
Being a huge believer in balance, you’ll see me post photos of meals that are probably not the most nourishing on the planet.
However in the same context, I’m generally eating nutrient dense food at every other meal and I exercise most days too.
Hence, I wanted a name that would encompass the things I post but also the way I like to live,
without niché-ing myself (if that’s a word) and thats where the idea for greedyguts came from.

2.If you were a Hrvst St juice..what would you be/why?

Endless summer- it’s tasty af but has a bit of heat to it as well.. not everyone likes it (weirdo’s) but the ones that do are generally the good sort.

3.The weirdest thing you have ever eaten?

INSECTS! I was in Japan in 2014 with my best mate and being that I studied it for 10+ years I was pretty confident in reading, speaking etc. I said I wanted to dine at the first place where I couldn’t read the menu. We were in a little joint tucked into some streets in Kyoto when they brought out some fluorescent snack looking things. I asked what they were and originally thought they said mochi. I asked what flavour they were as we ate them as they weren’t as sweet as mochi I had eaten in the past and the gentleman laughed at me as he explained we had “mushi”.

4. If you could eat the same meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I was gunna say something like waffles or pancakes but lets be real here- who can go past a good toastie. I’m convinced that almost everything tastes better sandwiched between bread with cheese.

5. The best words of advice to an aspiring Food Blogger? 

1) Decide what you want to do- have a clear image of what your point of difference is and run with it. Be yourself (unless you’re the person below) and take photos of what you enjoy. Stay true to that- your photos explain who you are and almost form a brand of your own.
2) Don’t be a self-deserving prick that wants to go and get free shit.
3) Be original
4) Learn to take a decent photo. This doesn’t mean getting a mortgage for a full frame DSLR. It does mean consciously deciding what you want the photo to display. There are some absolutely horrendous food accounts out there (most with larger followings than my own) that take some terrible photos. Have pride in your own work and realise that this directly speaks for your page and then further about any venues that you may go to. It’s such a discredit (and frankly an insult) to an establishment to go in and take a photograph that a 3 year old with a Nokia could have produced.
5) Have a life. If you’re needing thousands of followers to get purpose in life then you should probably have a chat to someone about that issue first. Social media is notoriously linked with mental health issues. Unless you’re blogging on behalf of a company, social media should be a side gig or a hobby- don’t let it, or your number of followers consume you.

6. Why is Food Blogging such a big deal in the modern day?

THIS IS SUCH A GOOD QUESTION. For me it encompasses a few things but it all comes back to the viewers experience. We are busy people generally. If there is the chance to catch up with a friend in the rare moments you find time to, you don’t want to risk having a bad experience at a new cafe or bar etc. Food blogging allows people to have a resource that can provide honest thoughts about a meal/venue, a good quality photograph to see how it is presented and then in some cases, an in-depth view as to pro’s and con’s of the before mentioned. Having said this, there’s quite a few accounts that don’t live true to what I’ve mentioned and will simply post whatever. I suppose its a good idea to align yourself with an account that depicts the variety or niche that you enjoy.

6.Would you rather have spoons as fingers or knives as fingers?

Spoons derh, you can pick up way more food with them 😉

Thanks for your time Mitch, we love rubbing virtual shoulders with you.