Want a quick insight into how we rolled out Hrvst St cold pressed juice two and half years ago? Super creative Newcastle legend Mitch Revs takes you through a visual process in just 9 comic frames…

One of our favourite things to do is collaborate with like-minded creatives, up & coming artists, photographers on fun projects – why? because….why not, right?

HS | Feature Artist Editions gives us the chance to showcase some pretty cool collabs & share them with you!

Our first Feature Artist is Mitch Revs a self taught artist/illustrator from Newcastle, NSW. Mitch is hands down one of the most inspirational, down to earth Artists we have worked with.

This feature is more about the visual – so run your eyes through & drop us your thoughts in the comment section below!

The Hrvst St Chronicles, the journey of the juice – by Mitch Revs



Film by Bailey Watts

Cover photo: @charliehardy