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Man carrying assorted flavors of Hrvst St compressed juices

Hrvst St X After Hours

Article: Hrvst St X After Hours

A collab between Hrvst St and After Hours

Hrvst St. - After hours


It comes as no surprise that here at Hrvst St we are obsessed working with a variety of artists and collaborating on a bunch of things. Why wouldn’t we tap in to the abundance of creative, talented and unique characters this place has to offer?

Enter Shyanne Trutwein, aka Shy, a Brisbane based designer and illustrator whose visual works which are full of colour, stories and characters give us a whole lotta life. Amongst all that she is also the co-founder of After Hours Studio, a brand and design studio.

Collaborating with Shy was a no brainer and recently we asked her to come up with a brand spanking new design for our Hrvst St tee’s and deliver she did.


Hrvst St. - Sketch 1


Hrvst St. - Sketch 3.1


The ideas and sketches were based off one of our OG juices Ruby Tuesday and the ingredients in that delicious bottle. The process is so uniquely Shy that she’s told us quote unquote “I don’t really sketch anything out, just start drawing straight on the computer”. So there you have it, sketch, an email chain of ideas, and bam, we’ve got our new Hrvst St tee.

We couldn’t be more stoked with the outcome


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