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The Weekend Lockdown Lowdown

Article: The Weekend Lockdown Lowdown

Helping out our Hrvst St Fam

ust when we thought 2020 was out of the way, 2021 came and lured us in with its open spaces, it’s dining in, drinks by the river and a coffee with about 18 of our friends, and then it was all pulled out from underneath us. Not going to lie, this one has hit us in the face and we aren’t the only ones, it’s hit everyone in the face, people are worn out and we can’t help but feel for our Hrvst St fam. So this ones for them.

This lockdown seems to be more difficult than the first, with the unexpected lockdowns that have been happening and the off and on’s from the past couple of months this is taking a huge toll on all our stockists. A lot of small business’ really rely on foot traffic and with that taken away from them, they now must rely on delivery. Seems simple right? Well…

Being accustom to so many apps right at your finger tips, it’s easy to just tap tap away and order all of the foods and all of the drinks. Those apps sure are great, especially in the midst of a pandemic or say a hungover pandemic. We feel you. Unfortunately those delivery platforms can often take upwards of 30% of the sale which can be damaging to a small business during these times who are working their backsides off to stay open and get through this.



So here’s some great tips to help your local and get them through this lockdown so they can welcome you back with smiley faces and table service served with a hot fresh barista made mug in hand and an icy cold Ruby Tuesday.

Most cafes are doing their own online takeaway! So just pop on over to their website or instagram, order that breakfast burger with side of hash brown and a Hrvst St juice to wash it down, pop on your mask and drive on over.

That way you get some fresh air, freshly made and actually hot food, and some cafes even do window service so you don’t even have to get out of your car! We likey.

Check out the video above to see how easy it is 🙂 🙂

So get going and order up. Keep your eyes peeled on each individual venue for their opening hours/takeaway menus and ordering details which most have posted on their instagrams.

Massive shoutout to our old mates at My Mistress for the delicious takeaway order. Legends always 🔥Stay safe everyone, Look after our Hrvst St FAM!

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