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Man carrying assorted flavors of Hrvst St compressed juices

On The Menu with Venziano Coffee West End

Article: On The Menu with Venziano Coffee West End

Hungry are you?

We’re coming in hot with another Hrvst St On the Menu starting with an order up of Endless Summer on the rocks with a side of all things Veneziano, West End.

We hopped over the pond to the ever changing and vibrant West End, dropping in and spending some time with the amazing gang at Veneziano Coffee who have been an ongoing huge support for Hrvst St. The weapon of a barista even commented on my checkered vans, and that’s huge because these things have seen some stuff. Nothing but love is exactly what we need and it’s exactly what they give 🙂 🙂

Fitted out with the sleekest furniture and decor, open lighting, greenery galore and warehouse spacing, it’s something out of NYC itself and it’s perfect if you want to meet up with friends to sit on the front deck they’re offering, or to keep hidden up top and out the back to take that work zoom call with enough space in the cafe to not have everyone listen to the inner workings of your new book and/or clothing line.

Hrvst St Goodies Hrvst St. Endless Summer Juice


Instead of reading the menu 8-12 hours prior to heading to the cafe, we instilled all our blind faith into last minute decisions. Turns out this wasn’t needed, but what is needed is a massive shoutout to Karen the lovely manager who graciously helped us pick exactly what we felt like and what paired well with our Hrvst St Endless Summer juice, as well as even more goodies from the treats cabinet. Heaven.


Hrvst St. - We are not worthy


We’ve had avocado toast in our days, but this avo toast deserves at least a 10 page spread in the Sunday mail and a key to the city. The definition of taste explosion, and it was almost a little rude cutting into it because why you gotta mess something so beautiful up.

Worth it though, it is a huge hit and a 10/10 because the taste was unlike any other and it paired perfectly with our Pineapple + Lemon creation, taking us away from the pale coldness that is winter and landing us straight into summer.

Finishing off with a brownie and a beautiful dome of ice cream on top landed us in one of those delicious food coma’s you only dream about. The one that doesn’t slow you down but satisfyingly picks you right up and on with your day as happy as ever.

SO please, do as we do and head right over to Veneziano West End to equally match our outing and enjoy the great atmosphere and food, but maybe don’t dress the same as us, cause that would be weird.



Want us to pop by and match our real, cold pressed juice with a food item at your cafe, bar, restaurant? Comment below or get in touch,

We would love to hear from you!


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